Luciano –  INKA Healing Session


The Diagnosis:  Luciano shall first tune in, converse with you, and employ an ancestral line consciousness (manifesting as a “deep” intuition) to assess what issues within you are calling to be healed. In this shifted consciousness, messages are received as to where to focus the work and what powers to employ. Family line healing and specifically child/parent relationship issues and trauma is a particular focus of Luciano’s healing work.  

The Healing Luciano then performs an Inka healing session. The Healing Process requires that you, the client, breathe in a special manner, which the Inka’s call Shamanic breathing. Luciano shall instruct you in this during the session. Then Luciano shall perform a “laying on of hands” and allow the powers that have concentrated within him to flow into you. This work shall draw out the “Hucha”: the heavy karma, dense energy, traumas, negativity, or damage to present and/or past lives. Luciano consciously attunes to the past lives and employs Jungian Archetypes in the inner-plane working with child/parent relationships. Luciano also calls upon the help of his native flutes, whistles and Inka prayers during the whole process to facilitate your entering into a conciusness that enables deep healing. The healing session concludes with an Inka Blessing. Any follow-up work, if there is a need for it, shall be communicated at the conclusion of the healing session.

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 60 minutes each:
 3 sessions in the Morning 
3 sessions in the Afternoon. 


         From           To

1)        8:50          9:50 

2)      9:55         10:55 

 3)     11:00        12:00 



4)      15:00          16:00 

5)      16:05           17:05

6)       17:10         18:10 

                                                                                                                          Machu Picchu - Peru 

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