Luciano Psychologist and Urban Shaman


Luciano Florez, a Crystal Inka Shaman, holds the true Inka blood lineage. His spiritual name is Amaru, meaning Serpent of Wisdom in the Inka Quechua language.  As the son and grandson of Inka Medicine Men, Luciano has been acquainted with the way of the shaman his entire life. He has passed through Inka Initiation Rights as well as being instructed in indigenous “quantum medicine”. Luciano has called Cusco, Peru, the location that was once the center of the Inka Empire, home. At the same time, Luciano has received a western education and has been awarded his University Degree, BS in Psychology from Universidad Andina del Cusco in Peru.

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Luciano views himself as being an Urban Shaman; one who combines the knowledge of contemporary western Clinical Psychology with the traditional Inka wisdom. On one hand, the model of the human, especially those in abnormal mental/emotional/neurological states, comes from the western academic world. On the other hand, his cosmological understanding of both the universe and humankind arises from the knowledge and information that has been passed down through generations of Inka Priests, Medicine Men, and Healers. In the breadth of his work, Luciano guides, supports and provides consultations for individuals and families in high risk and with clear psychological issues employing modern western methodologies. As a Crystal Inka Shaman, he guides individuals looking to grow and discover themselves into the jungle on shamanistic journeys. And as an Inka Medicine Man, Luciano performs healings, including hands-on healings. Luciano - Rainbow Connection - at Sacred Portal, Aramu Muru, at Lake Titicaca  (click here to see)

Luciano himself had been initiated, in the ancient Inka way, to Grandma Ayahuasca fifteen years back. Luciano leads Ayahuasca ceremonies as pathways for healing, learning, and self-discovery; and he collaborates with traditional western medicine practitioners in the use of Ayahuasca as an aid for psychological and psychiatric treatment. 

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Luciano has a deep interest in the nature of health and healing from a holistic viewpoint, one that incorporates the physical, psychological, emotional, mental, and spiritual. It is a perspective in which man cannot be separated from the planet, but must be viewed in a oneness. In perceiving the world in this way allows one to see “the rational in the irrational, the tangible in the intangible”. Luciano thus sees it as his mission to bring to the world the augmented Inka medicine knowledge that is bringing light and solutions to human diseases; to show how to become healed; and then to instruct in how to heal others. In service to his mission, Luciano has been delivering lectures and talks in Peru, Brazil, and Japan.


Temple of the Sun, Cusco, Peru        

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