Kuichy  INKA Oracle / Healing Session 


The Diagnosis: Kuichy first performs a diagnosis using his Sacred Leafs and Sacred Condor Feather. With these, Kuichy establishes a spiritual connection to you as spirit and to your light body. Information arises that provides insight to specific issues you may have: mental, physical, emotional relationships, spiritual path, or life´s mission. Great Spirit will provide all the insights. You need not come with any specific questions; however, you are welcome to bring up to three specific queries such as relationships, job, profession, life mission, new projects, love, health issues and so forth.  For these questions, Kuichy shall consult the Sacred Leafs.

The Healing:  Kuichy then performs an Inka healing session. The Healing Process requires that you, the client, breathe in a special manner, which the Inka’s call Shamanic breathing. Kuichy shall instruct you in this during the session. Then, when you are sufficiently immersed into the breathing and Kuichy deems that there is sufficient “momentum”, he will press with his hands on the solar plexus and perhaps other chakras if needed. In so doing, Kuichy shall draw out the “Hucha”: the heavy karma, dense energy, traumas, negativity, or damage to present and/or past lives. During this work you may receive a chakra alignment, soul rescue, or an awakening of your power within. The healing session concludes with an Inka Blessing. Any follow-up work, if there is a need for it, shall be communicated at the conclusion of the healing session.

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 45 minutes each:
 3 sessions in the Morning 
3 sessions in the Afternoon. 


         From           To

1)        9:35         10:20 

2)      10:25         11:10 

3)       11:15         12:00 



4)      15:00          15:45 

5)      15:50           16:35

6)       16:40         17:25 

   Temple of the Wind (Love) - Ollantaytambo - Peru 

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