Kuichy - Rainbow Inka Medicine Man


Kuichy, a son of a Shaman, carries within him the true Inka blood lineage. Born in Qosqo, Peru, the "navel of the world", he has grown up with the Quechua language being his mother tongue. At age seven, Kuichy was struck by lightning, a sacred sign in the Andean world that a new Shaman had been chosen to lead and heal the community. With this “initiation”, Kuichy was gifted with the capacities to talk and work with the spirits of nature. 

Kuichy in Pax

Over years, Kuichy has developed his own Shamanic Healings Method based on a fusion of current Inka shamanistic practice and his own investigations and developments. He has studied science, philosophy, art, religion and ancient Inka medicine and has incorporated these into his work.

Within the Andes, Kuichy is a well-respected spiritual leader, poet, historian, researcher, and Peruvian politician. He is a Professor of Social Science and Research Methodology at the University of Cusco, with 30 years experience, where his responsibilities include both teaching and research. Kuichy’s principle interest of investigation relates to the ancient Inka application of Medicine from the perspective of the current theories of quantum physics. Kuichy has also presented at United Nation meetings, International Spiritual Conferences, Seminars, and partaken in Ancient Inka Ceremonies (click here to see).

Kuichy feels that he has been called upon as his sacred mission of this life to be an emissary of the wisdom of the ancient Inka Masters and to convey this to the other peoples of the world. He has been active in developing and participating in conferences worldwide, from Stockholm to Brasília, from Los Angeles to Buenos Aires, from Stonehenge to Costa Rica, from Paris to New York, from Tokyo to Cairo. He is the founder of the "Great Inka Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the Seven Rays of the Rainbow" which now has thousands of initiated members throughout the world.

Kuichy at Machu Picchu

In Kuichy’s view, the Inkas ruled using practical methods and with effective cures for the purpose of improving human wellbeing and potential. Their system was based on natural plants, herbs, flowers minerals, sound and the rituals of the three worlds: Hanan Pacha (the upper world); Kay Pacha (the earthly world); and Ukhu Pacha (the inner world or Underworld).  In the Inka cosmology, these three worlds are all part of Kausay Pacha (the power of the life of the Cosmos). Time and space is seen as the matrix of consciousness, which is the connection of mind, body and spirit. The Inkas for millennia have been guardians of the Akashic Records that maintain the wisdom of the Matrix of Humankind, preserving these healing techniques, especially related to the Luminous Body, until today.              Kuichy attuned in Machu Picchu

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