Inka Shamanic Medicine



In the Inka Shamanic Medicine Workshop, Kuichy shall provide the participants with the fundamental wisdom, knowledge, and information of the Inka Priests and Medicine men; and the attunements sufficient to realize the truth and power of the Inka Way. Kuichy augments the traditional Inka wisdom with his research into both the ancient ways of the Inkas and modern metaphysical developments. Specifically, the following shall be provided:

   v    An introduction to the Inka cosmology related to living and healing

   v    An introduction to Quechua language spiritual words and phrases of power

   v    Attunements to enable an Inka time-space consciousness of information

   v    Partaking in an Inka Ceremony of Healing

Ultimately, the intention of this Workshop is that it be such a transcendental spiritual experience that the Inka shaman seed shall be planted and flourish within You!

    Topics covered include:

   v The Sacred Four Elements of Pachamama - (Mother Earth)

       §  Fire (Nina)   - Self Transmutation

       §  Water (Unu or Yacu)  - Self Purification

       §  Air (Wayra) – Self Ascension

       §  Earth (Pacha or Allpa)– Self Affirmation

   v The Seven Inka Levels of Consciousness  - Sumaq Kausay (Good Life)

       §  First Inka Key – Yachay (Wisdom)

       §  Second Inka Key – Munay (Will)

       §  Third Inka Key – Ruway (Action)

       §  Fourth Inka Key – Khuyay (Love)

       §  Fifth Inka Key – Maskay (Search)

       §  Sixth Inka Key – Kausay (Existence)

       §  Seventh Inka Key – Ayni (Reciprocity)

   v The three-part nature of man in Inka Shamanic Healing

       §  The Condor (Spirit) Kuntur

       §  The Puma (Body) Andean Lyon

       §  The Serpent (Mind) Amaru

In this workshop, Kuichy shall teach the Way to breathing the “Sami” (Fine Energy) that shall open the Path to realizing the “Allin Kausay” “Good Living”. And clarify the significance therein of the practice of the universal principle of sharing “Ayni” (Reciprocity) through the feeling of Unconditional Love of “Munay” (The magical and cosmic energy of love plus human will). 

Additionally, by partaking in this intensive workshop, each participant shall receive wonderful healing benefits that may include healing the wounds of past lives thereby liberating you from karmic attachments; rejuvenating your cellular matrix; awakening your chromosomic memories; and enhancing your immune system. 


Ceremony - An Offering to Pachamama – Description      

In the ancient Inka tradition, making an Offering (giving a gift) to Pachamama (Earth Mother) is a giving back for what is being receiving each and every day from nature. The Andean people call this Ayni. It is “The Law of Reciprocity” in action. When doing this, those taking part in the ceremony establish a new pattern of relationship with Pachamama creating a link between the physical universe, individual’s personal power, and the source of love and wisdom. The Law is: “If you give, then you will receive; and when you receive you must give back”. This is an honoring of abundance with gratitude.

Kuichy shall be bringing with him the Offering to share with you all - items from the Andes. And from you it is requested that, from your own locality, you bring gifts from the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms, which may be plants, flowers, seeds, and whatever else touches your heart and soul. In this way, we shall form a powerful Offering to Pachamama. Upon the completion of the creation the Offering, this gift is bundled up and tied, and then placed into a fire.

Making the Inka Offering is a powerful and meaningful ancient Ritual that brings partakers into alignment with their personal intent, bringing to each support in all endeavors.  This sacred Ayni Offering is a pathway to establishing reciprocity and divine exchange, right love relati0nship, and balance and harmony with our circle of beloved ones with the entirety of the universe. And to you it awakens the Shaman that you carry within!

  Schedule -  Inka Shamanic Medicine Workshop Day

         v Morning Class: 9:00 to 13:00 

         v  Break for Lunch: 13:00 to 15:00 

         v  Afternoon Class:  15:00 to 17:00 

         v Ceremony – An Offering to Pachamama - 17:00 to 19:00 

Kuichy leading Ceremony in Peru 2

Kuichy preparing & blessing Inka Offering - in Peru

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