Inka Shamanic Healing Techniques Level I



The Inka Shamanic Healing Techniques Level I Worksop is a truly transformational healing experience  To take part in this workshop however requires that the participant has already completed the Inka Shamanic Medicine Workshop.  You shall learn powerful healing tools that shall be a benefit for you and a benefit that you may bring to others!

In this workshop, you shall be instructed on how to do the following:

   v    To empower your life, reawaken your soul, and clear blocks that:

       § Disconnect you from your true power;

       § Derail you from your path or purpose. 

   v  Working upon the luminous body, to apply aura protection techniques using:

       § the 4 elements, 

       § the 4 directions, and

       §  what the Inkas called the “Rainbow Light”;

   v  To use Quechua language spiritual words and phrases of power;

   v  Use the Inka prayer of power and protection;

   v  Perform Inka rituals using elementals, totems;

   v  Perform the Sacred Mother Earth “Pacha Mama” Ceremony;

   v  Use the sacred Condor Feathers to align the Light Body;

   v  Work with Apu Huayra, the god of the winds.

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You shall be introduced to the Inka philosophies of disease and approach to healing. You shall also learn about the Inka subtle body structures: Poqpo, Sami and Ushuai. And you shall experience various healing techniques that bring your body, heart, mind, and spirit into alignment. 

Perhaps most importantly, you shall learn to connect more fully with Great Spirit in your everyday life and in bringing fulness in your personal relationships. 


Ceremony - An Offering to Pachamama – Description      

The Inka Ceremony of Healing is a powerful ritual that provides the participant with spiritual and energetic cleansing, transformation, and protection. In this Ceremony of Healing, Kuichy shall first guide each of us into the making of a personal Offering, and then lead us through the Magical Ritual establishing the spiritual connections, the empowerments, and the generating of the metaphysical energy/force fields. As the final step, we shall individually bury our Offering at a special location, such as: at sacred/power spot, near a body of water, on a mountain, near a special tree, or by a special place that has been made holy. Buried in the Earth, the Offering shall hold and transmit the healing forces and transformation powers for a long period of time.

Specifically, the benefits that we shall receive are: continuous spiritual and energetic cleansing; the releasing of fears; spiritual, mental, emotional and physical protection; and a specific protection so that healers (and others) do not catch the illnesses of sicknesses from their clients. Additionally, this shall be an aid in the transformation of negativity into light, helping us to achieve a state of Samak Kuasay, “Good Living”.

Please bring with you whatever personal items, such as crystals, flowers, seeds, etc., that you wish to give to make part of your Offering to be be buried.

  Schedule -  Inka Shamanic Healing Techniques Level I Workshop

         v Morning Class: 9:00 to 13:00 

         v  Break for Lunch: 13:00 to 15:00 

         v  Afternoon Class:  15:00 to 17:00 

         v Ceremony – An Offering to Pachamama - 17:00 to 19:00 

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